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    Carrier and radio shuttle rack system, is composed of automatic equipment such as: shuttle carrier, shuttle, lift, conveyor, shuttle racking and software. Is a fully automatic highly efficient dense storage solution controlled by WMS and WCS.

    Product Features: 

    • Carrier and radio shuttles cooperate to carry out the longitudinal and lateral handling in the warehouse

    • Lifts conduct vertical handling while conveying lines complete handling towards entrance/exit ports

    • WMS and WCS control handling equipment to achieve fully automatic inbound and outbound operations.

    Product Properties: 

    • Max. travel speed of shuttle carrier: 2m/s

    • Max. acceleration of shuttle carrier: 0.8 m/s2

    • Max. capacity of shuttle carrier: 1500kg

    • Power supply mode: AV

    Product Advantages: 

    • Substantial increase of warehousing efficiency, optimization of warehouse inventory and warehousing paths, and improvement of warehouse utilization

    • Significant reduction of operation error rate to ensure safety of workers

    • Automatic charging of radio shuttles reduces manual workload

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